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Modes of Engagement

To ensure meaningful R&D engagements with IIT Kanpur, Technopark@iitk has made it mandatory for every client to earn a certain number of virtual KOINS that will be assigned based on the volume and the quality of client’s R&D interaction with IITK. KOINS are subjected to periodic changes

Modes of Interaction

KOINS Earned

Sponsored research projects

100 (per INR 10 Lakhs)

Consultancy projects

100 (per INR 5 Lakhs)

Joint projects with faculty of IIT Kanpur and sponsored by a third agency

20 (per INR 10 Lakhs)

Educational Infrastructure Endowment*

100 (for INR 2.00 Lakhs)

Chair Professor Endowment*

200 per year (For INR 75 Lakhs, one time)

Royalty paid to IITK for using IITK IP

100 (per INR 1 Lakh)

Joint Publications/Patents

20 (each)

Sponsoring Ph.D. Students

50 (per year)

Sponsoring M.Tech./M.S./MBA Students

25 (per year)

Part-time employment for IITK Student

5 (per month)

Full-time employment for IITK Student

50 (only once)

Teaching by Industry Personnel at IITK

2 (per hour)

Continuing education expenses by company to IITK

5 (per INR 25,000 spent) 

IITK Faculty giving lectures to company staff

5 (per INR 25,000 paid to the faculty)

Joint Ph.D. Guidance

50 (per year)

Joint MTech/M.S./M.B.A. Guidance

25 (per year)

*Supported under CSR activities

The KOINS earned through CSR activities are restricted to maximum of fifty percent (50%) of the total KOIN requirement of every client. The number of KOINS to be earned every year depends on the area of the space leased. Any KOINS earned in excess will be carried forward into the Client’s account and shall not elapse